On Choosing Coltala:
Seller Testimonials

“We spent a significant amount of time looking for partners that shared our vision for Choice Health at Home. Coltala shares both our passion to provide outstanding care and the desire to expand our patient-centered services throughout Texas and surrounding states.”

David Jackson

“As a business leader, investor, and owner, I have found tremendous value working with Ralph, Edward and the Coltala team. They are hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeve guys that use a systematic, continuous improvement approach and have helped me become a better leader, operator and manager.”

Rob Bondos

“Having worked with Coltala as public accountant and consulting, I was overjoyed with the opportunity to work with them full time at Trudela. I have learned a great deal from their sales marketing and operations expertise and have loved my role working with them as the CFO of Trudela.”

Steve Brady

“Choice is excited about the opportunities provided through this partnership. Coltala brings business acumen that will be supportive in executing our growth plan but also in preserving our patient-centered culture during expansion.”

Trina Lanier

“We’re excited to be a part of the Coltala / Trudela team and expect this combination to enable us to deliver even better products and services to our loyal customers. We’ve been in HVAC since 1963 and the avalanche of new technology makes this the most exciting time in the history of this industry.”

Ricky Walker

“Our business was transformed while working with members of this team. We quadrupled our revenue and profits through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. We stabilized the core, strategized for growth and ultimately became an industry leader in the Intellectually Developmentally Disabled segment of the healthcare industry. We ultimately sold the business for a significant multiple of capital invested.”

Hal Davis

“Not having spent any time in the “corporate world”, working with Coltala provided an invaluable opportunity to view the running of an HVAC business through a different lens. I grew our business organically as an entrepreneur, but I was astonished at the lessons I was able to take away from the experience.”

Diel Rojas

“After a 40+ business career in multiple industries and selling my own business, it was refreshing to work with Coltala on a complicated multi-company acquisition/merger. With multiple families and personalities involved, it took an empathetic understanding and patient firm to see this transaction through. Many firms would have walked away from the complexity, but Coltala saw an opportunity and followed through, staying true to their word in creating a valuable company in the process. The sellers and myself were enthusiastic about retaining equity in the new business because of the confidence in the Coltala management and their values.”

Hylton Jonas

“After 30 years of building my business by helping people succeed with their health and fitness goals, it became time to find the right partner to team up with going forward. It was my desire to find the best fit for the future of the business as well as the continued success of our long-standing employees. While there was no shortage of interest in the company, it was Coltala that proved to be the right partner and walked me through the process. Today, I am serving as an advisor in the business and I’m impressed with the value and growth we have already experienced due to Coltala’s involvement.”

Stan Terry

“I am so grateful to be working with Ralph Manning, Edward Crawford, and their entire Coltala family. When you are selling a business that you have been a part of for 27 years, there is always a lot of emotion involved, but working with Ralph and Edward have made the transition extremely positive! The resources that Coltala has brought to our organization are inspiring us to spread our wings farther than I could have ever imagined and help more people across the country with their mental and physical health. Ralph and Edward have not just become my partners in this journey but also incredible friends of mine that are always there to make sure we persevere! This was absolutely the best deal we could have ever done for our employees and our customers, as we all continue to thrive.”

Craig Lewin

“I enjoyed working with Coltala as they acquired our multi-generation family business. We take great pride in what we have built and wanted to find a trustworthy, high integrity partner who could also help build our company to the next level. Coltala has demonstrated that they could add tremendous value to our business and have shown that they are good stewardship partners. We are happy that we can see our employees and leadership grow with Coltala and their CES.”

Gary Glanger

“When selling our business, it was very important that we have the best team to continue what my husband and I created at FitCorp over the last 30 years. Coltala cared about our people and our history and continue those efforts as they grow the business with the next generation. We look forward to seeing the ongoing progress and success of our dream turned into reality.”

Karen Glanger, Seller