Meet the Team:
Suresh Narayanan

Senior Advisor – Aerospace


Suresh took an aviation and aerospace business from the startup phase to a middle market national player in the MRO, engineering, and modification segments while also supporting some of the largest fleets with-in the commercial, military, and business jet aircraft segments.

Aerospace Quality Research and Development “AQRD” has operates three divisions which were all started from scratch. Aerospace engineering providing a wide range of engineering support for regulatory compliance as well as fabrication, manufacturing, and repairs on commercial, military, and business jet aircraft. AQRD also built a full Part 145 MRO support business jet repairs, maintenance, and modifications. AQRD’s third division was  in support of the full engineering and integration to support supersonic military jet modifications so they could support Air Force and Navy pilot training, also known as “Red Air.”


Suresh received his Bachelors in Science from Florida State University as well as his Masters in Business Administration in both Finance and Strategy/Entrepreneurship from Southern Methodist University. 

Coltala Team - Suresh Narayanan