Meet the Team:
Darrell Bevelhymer

Board Partner


Mr. Bevelhymer is a founding Board Partner of Coltala Holdings, and a member of its Investment Committee.  A private investor and businessman, he is considered a Founder of Tenaska, Inc., one of the top 25 largest privately-held companies in the United States; and one of the largest private, independent, energy companies in the United States. Tenaska has a proven record of success in development, design, financing, construction management, energy marketing and operation of electric generating facilities. Mr. Bevelhymer serves as a consultant to Tenaska, Inc. and Tenaska Marketing Ventures, Inc.  He is a member of the Strategic Oversight Committee and has served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Business Development Group for Tenaska, Inc.  Mr. Bevelhymer has over 20 years of experience in the electric utility industry and has deep expertise in the areas of complex deal flow, deal structure and industrial applications. He serves as the Board Member of Agricen LLC (f/k/a Advanced Microbial Solutions, LLC).