The Coltala Enterprise System™ (CES):
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The Coltala Enterprise System™ (CES)

The CES is a business system utilizing time tested FORTUNE 100 best practices and tools grounded in lean management principles. This tool of purposefulness unbridles potential and builds the capabilities required to maximize potential and reach optimal scale in our businesses. We believe this is best accomplished through a time-tested, disciplined approach that is based on four key components:

PEOPLE: Talent Management System (sourcing, coaching, training, mentoring). Assessing, managing and developing talent; building high-performing management teams that are bound by a common vision, common values and a common purpose.

PLAN: Systematic and focused approach to strategy formulation and execution. Operationalizing the strategy.

PROCESS: Replicable systems for process improvement, and the implementation of our Lean business principles, that advance a culture of continuous improvement.

PERFORMANCE: A measurement process that is linked to the strategy. Can not improve anything you do not measure.