Equal Respect for Mission and Margin:
Our Priorities

Coltala Mission Margin

Mission & Margin

At Coltala, we build businesses of significance by establishing a foundation for each strategic platform where both Margin and Mission are given equal priority.

Our purpose-driven, people-centric approach to building businesses sets us apart. A firm-wide commitment to both mission and margin means we work alongside leaders to drive returns on both financial and human capital. At Coltala, we are a trusted partner to founders. We empower, support and enable our executive partners through The Coltala Enterprise System™ (CES).

Our unique structure also supports our approach by enabling us to hold investments indefinitely and build businesses that become best-in-class industry leaders. This long-term perspective encourages leadership teams to make decisions that benefit all stakeholders.

Our commitment to Mission  is demonstrated by…

  • Our passion to make a positive difference in the world and to have a meaningful impact in people’s lives
  • Sharing a common vision, purpose, core values and guiding principles that define our culture
  • And providing opportunities for professional development and advancement for all employees

Our commitment to Margin is demonstrated by…

  • Generating industry-leading returns on invested capital
  • Delivering consistent growth and relevance in size, scale and breadth
  • Becoming leaders in the transformation of our industries