The Mission and Margin
Business Leadership Award

Mission: To recognize and honor business owners who demonstrate a strong alignment between their company’s profit-making activities and their dedication to serving others

Award Criteria

  • Mission in Action: Nominees must showcase how their company’s mission is reflected in their business operations and decision-making processes.
  • Community Impact: Evidence of significant and positive impact on the community, through either direct service or through the operations of their business.
  • Leadership and Culture: The leadership style should be servant-first, where the nominee prioritizes the empowerment and growth of their team members.
  • Sustainable Success: Demonstration of sustained business growth that balances profit with social and environmental responsibility.
  • Open to established business owners in the state of Texas with $5.0 – $50.0 million of revenue, with nominations accepted from employees, peers, or self-nominations. 30 – 500 employees

Nomination Process

  • A detailed submission showcasing examples of the criteria listed above, including testimonials, media articles, or other supporting documents. The application is available on the Coltala website:

Selection Process

  • A diverse panel of judges, including Coltala Holdings executives, industry experts, and community leaders, will review nominations.
  • The process will emphasize quality and integrity, with judges recusing themselves from decisions where a conflict of interest may exist.

Awards and Recognition

  • The winner will receive a financial donation toward their company’s mission-driven projects, a trophy, and a press release article with a relevant newpaper featuring company owner and history along with a feature in Coltala Holdings’ communications.
  • Runners-up could receive recognition certificates and profiles in Coltala Holdings’ media outlets.

Program Timeline

  • Announcement and call for nominations: January
  • Nomination deadline: March
  • Review and selection period: April
  • Award ceremony: May

Promotion and Engagement

  • Use Coltala Holdings’ website and social media platforms to promote the award.
  • Engage local media and business networks to raise awareness and encourage nominations.

Sustainability and Legacy

  • Commit to an annual review of the award criteria and process to ensure they continue to reflect the evolving standards of mission-driven leadership.
  • Create a community of past awardees who can serve as ambassadors for the values the award represents.

This award program will not only honor deserving business owners but also serve to inspire others in the community to integrate mission and margin in their business philosophy.