Leader Stories

“We’re excited to be a part of the Coltala / Trudela team and expect this combination to enable us to deliver even better products and services to our loyal customers. We’ve been in HVAC since 1963 and the avalanche of new technology makes this the most exciting time in the history of this industry.”

~  Ricky Walker, Founder, Walker Heating and Air Conditioning

“Our business was transformed while working with members of this team. We quadrupled our revenue and profits through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. We stabilized the core, strategized for growth and ultimately became an industry leader in the Intellectually Developmentally Disabled segment of the healthcare industry. We ultimately sold the business for a significant multiple of capital invested.”

~ Hal Davis, Founder, D&S Community Services

“I have worked with members of the Coltala team for many years as a CEO, operator, board member and investor. We have worked together to mentor management teams and grow businesses together. The Coltala management team is a high-performing team that will make a purposeful and measurable impact in every business they invest in and lead.”

                        ~   David Watts, CEO, Revere Packaging