Coltala seeks to acquire founder and family-owned businesses in Texas and the surrounding region with a focus on essential services businesses in Real Estate, Aerospace and Home Health.  We target businesses with $2 – $10 million of EBITDA, operating in large, non-cyclical industries with recurring revenue, high margins and low capex with business models that will stand the test of time.  Coltala is a trustworthy partner that helps build sustainable, long-term success, working with our management teams to make strategic and operational enhancements to build long term sustainable businesses of significance. 

Investment Criteria

  • Stable U.S. businesses with EBITDA of $2 – $10 million
  • Market size greater than $1 billion of annual sales
  • Operating in non-cyclical, fragmented industries
  • Modest capital expenditure and working capital requirements
  • Recurring revenue models
  • Gross Margins of 30% or greater
  • EBITDA Margins of 10% or greater
  • Opportunities for strategic and operational enhancement


  • Majority control
  • Transaction Size $10M – $100M
  • Family / Entrepreneur-Owned Businesses

Essential Services

Real Estate Services

 Property Management • Engineering • Inspection • Title Services • Elevator •  HVAC • Energy • Test and Measurement • Water Treatment • Fire Protection • Brokerage • Safety and Traffic Controls 

Aerospace Services

•  Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO/Part 145)

•  Component Manufacturing  

Home Health Services

Home Health • Hospice • Therapy • Personal Care • Infusion • IDD • Concierge Medicine • Behavioral • Autism •  Speech/Occupational Therapy 

What is an Essential Service?

Coltala invests in mission critical services essential to preserving daily living, health and safety for all Americans and the American worker.