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Coltala Holdings Partners with Trive Capital to Acquire Lower Middle Market Companies

The Private Equity Fast Pitch Podcast

with Edward J. Crawford

Coltala President Edward J. Crawford joins Jeff Henningsen, President of Lockton, Houston and host of Northstar’s Private Equity Fast Pitch Podcast to discuss Coltala’s commitment to servant leadership in a balance of mission and margin.

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The Private Equity Fast Pitch Podcast

with Ralph W. Manning

Coltala CEO Ralph Manning joins host Jeff Henningsen to discuss Coltala’s unique structure, its focus on the manufacturing and services industries, and how to develop the very best in any business.

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Building a Brand

by Charles L. (Chuck) Jarvie

Chuck Jarvie, former president of Dr Pepper and Coltala’s resident branding guru, explores the reality of the brand building process.

“While each industry insists it’s different, the fundamentals never vary. Only the tactics.”

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The Main Event – Strategy vs Execution

by Ralph W. Manning

Curiosity is the foundation for all human achievement, so is it any wonder that executives and academics are still asking the eternal question, “What’s more important, strategy or execution?”

With limited time and scarce resources, where should CEOs and managers focus their energy for optimal performance – Strategy or Execution? Coltala CEO Ralph Manning weighs in with a decision on the Main Event.

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A Tale of Two CEOs

by Edward J. Crawford

Two Harvard MBAs, Larry Culp and Jeffrey Immelt, would take the helm of two great companies over the same time period resulting in two decidedly different outcomes. So, what happened?

Coltala President Edward J. Crawford looks at the striking similarities between the 12th and 14th CEOs of the General Electric Company and their shockingly different performance in A Tale of Two CEOs.

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Women in Private Equity: Fear is not an option

by Melanie Barton

That women are severely underrepresented in leadership positions in private equity is a given. Melanie Barton opines on one possible solution, regardless of the environment. Fear is not an option.

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Hiring Veterans: Your Best Business Decision Ever

by Edward J. Crawford

When you hire a veteran, you’re getting a person of proven integrity. Hard deadlines and solid performance under pressure are the hallmark of veterans. Edward J. Crawford explains how hiring military veterans could be your best business decision ever.

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A New Horse in Town

Coltala Holdings featured in D-CEO Magazine

“A Dallas firm called Coltala is aiming to shake up the traditional private equity arena with an emphasis on improving human capital, not just financial gains.” Read Will Ehrhardt’s article featuring Coltala Holdings in D-CEO Magazine.

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Dallas’ Newest Private Investment Firm

Bronze Star Recipient and Coltala Holdings President, Edward J. Crawford, featured here in the Dallas Business Journal. Read or download the article


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Getting the Best Deal for Your Midsize Company

by Edward J. Crawford

Private business CEOs exploring private equity sale options today should expect managerial expertise, rock-solid financing, and time horizons ranging from decades to forever. Read more about “Getting the Best Deal for Your Midsize Company”

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