People Build Businesses

We understand…

We are a trusted partner to business owners who have made the decision to sell their businesses. We understand… that making the decision to sell is a difficult one. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have built numerous businesses; some have exceeded $1 billion dollars in revenue. Over time, we have developed a disciplined approach to team building, strategy formulation, and process improvement to reach optimal scale while being committed stewards of our seller’s legacy.

Selling to the right partner will allow founders to transition confidently to the next stage in their lives; resulting in financial rewards that they have earned and the freedom to enjoy those rewards while trusting that their life’s work continues in the hands of a trusted partner.

Coltala is well capitalized and able to finance quickly opportunities that meet our criteria. We seek to acquire majority ownership in high-potential companies where our expertise can significantly accelerate the value you’ve already achieved. In partnership with management, The Coltala Enterprise System™ will enhance your company’s strategic and operational performance and ensure your reaching the maximum in performance and scale.

Conscientious Stewards

Coltala Holdings is a diversified holding company with a unique and proven management system – The Coltala Enterprise System™ – that enables high-potential, small and mid-size companies to achieve optimal scale. With our deep bench of experienced industry professionals, and our more than 100 years of combined experience, Coltala is well-positioned to acquire and unlock the potential of family businesses and privately-held companies in essential services, manufacturing and healthcare services industries. We are committed to being conscientious and honor-bound stewards of your company’s legacy and taking it to the next level.

At Coltala, we are a team of proven entrepreneurs, managers, operators and executives who have led and partnered with company owners to generate sustainable, top-in-industry results.

Trusted partner in your life’s work

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About Coltala

The highly-experienced Coltala team is united by a common vision that is grounded in shared values and inspired by a unique purpose: to build businesses of significance by unlocking the potential in human and financial capital.

Family of Businesses

Our family of businesses share the Coltala culture and values that act as a catalyst to ensure that they optimize scale and maximize performance. Yet, each strategic platform operates autonomously by creating its own blueprint for success.

Investment Criteria

We invest in stable U.S. businesses with $5-12 million EBITDA and a market size greater than $1 billion in annual sales.