Coltala, Builders & Investors:
“United By Purpose”

Coltala backs exceptional leaders to build businesses that comprise the backbone of America.


We acquire founder and family owned businesses in Texas and focus on essential services of Real Estate, Aerospace and Home Health

Business Builders: We are Operators

Coltala is led by founders who have been in operating roles, including Founder, President, CEO, CFO as well as led teams in Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Operations and Finance.

Capital Deployed:  $300M

Coltala has deployed over $300M of flexible capital into mission and margin focused companies across multiple essential service companies. 

The Mission and Margin
Business Leadership Award

Coltala Understands

Hero’s Journey

We truly understand business owners who’ve made the decision to sell their businesses. We understand that making the decision to sell is a difficult one. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have built numerous businesses; some exceeding $1 billion dollars in revenue.

This shared understanding, between Coltala and business owners that have made the decision to sell, unites us not only in spirit, but also in action. So that our action is consistently deliberate, we’ve developed a disciplined approach to team building, strategy formulation, and process improvement. Committed to the achievement of our singular goals, together we’ll reach optimal scale while remaining true to the company you built, the brand, and its legacy.

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Selling to the right partner allows founders to transition confidently to the next stage in their lives, resulting in financial rewards that they have earned, and the freedom to enjoy those rewards while trusting that their life’s work continues in the hands of a trusted partner. These are but a few of the rewards that can be realized when we achieve our common goals.

As a well-capitalized holding company, our unique structure affords us the ability to think long term with no preset investment hold period, Coltala stands ready to move quickly on opportunities that meet our criteria. We continually seek to acquire majority ownership in high-potential companies where our expertise can significantly accelerate the value you’ve already achieved. In partnership with management, The Coltala Enterprise System™—in concert with our other purpose-driven tools, methods, and principles—will enhance your company’s strategic and operational performance and ensure that we’re reaching the maximum in performance and scale, together.


With a deep commitment to God and country we empower entrepreneurs to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our great nation, creating jobs and fulfilling the American dream.

Fulfill Your Purpose

Transition Your Company With Confidence, fulfill the next milestone on your hero’s journey knowing your company is in capable hands.

1.       Do you feel like you are navigating uncharted waters?

2.       Do you need growth support?

3.       Do you need a partner to break through to the next level?

4.       Are you transitioning ownership succession?

5.       Are you experiencing changes in leadership?

6.       Do you have a liquidity need?

7.       Do you want to discover the rewards of building a great company?


We can help. See how our business’s priorities and systems support your purpose.


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