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Why Coltala? It's a matter of trust.

Paul S. Adams, Trüdela CEO

Consider the leadership and track record at Coltala Holdings.

Given our belief in strong process management, identifying opportunities, and utilizing business intelligence tools like Lean and Kaizen, adopting the Coltala Enterprise System (CES) was an easy decision for us.

Trüdela is a member of the Coltala Family of Businesses

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Why Coltala? For the mission.

Edward J. Crawford, Co-founder and President

Mission and Margin drives everything we do as a team at Coltala Holdings.

A combination of Conscious Capitalism, Evergreen Capital, and the Coltala Enterprise System (CES), enable us to build businesses of significance. Entrepreneurs in small and medium businesses are the real American economic heroes and we're proud to stand with them.

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Why Coltala? To build a high-performing team.

Ralph Manning, Co-founder and CEO

Building businesses of significance requires an inspired team sharing common values.

At Coltala, we invest in businesses that deliver meaningful and measurable contributions to society. We unlock the full potential in human and financial capital by providing a level of expertise and resources not commonly available to small and medium business.

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Why Coltala? Its 10-year goal to build businesses of significance.

Melanie Barton, Executive Vice President

Building businesses that impact lives in a positive way is our focus here at Coltala.

At the core of our Coltala Enterprise System (CES) is people. It's people who build businesses and achieve success first on an individual level and then on the company level.

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Why Coltala? To be part of a team that will improve your business.

Blaine Kaehr, Financial Analyst

Every role in an organization is important, from the shop floor to the boardroom.

Our team understands your business, its roles and processes, and we know how to translate that into superior financial performance. We maximize value and preserve your legacy always remembering that people build businesses.

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