Investment Criteria

Industry Sectors

Healthcare Management

Areas of particular interest: Service providers, specifically home healthcare and behavioral health services (Medicare, Medicaid and private pay); concierge medicine; nutritional solutions (enteral therapy); specialty pharma; residential group homes for people with special needs; academic medical center; hospitals; physician practice groups; biotechnology; medical equipment manufacturing; mental health and clinical social services sectors.



Areas of particular interest:  Products, machines, tools, packaging, appliances, furniture, sports equipment.  (Help to “Make it better, sell it better.”)


Branded Products

Areas of particular interest: Specialty foods, branded food and beverage, branded experiences, branded services, branded business services, entertainment.

Stage / Size

  • Stable U.S. businesses with $3-10 million EBITDA
  • Market size greater than $1 billion of annual sales
  • Business models with high profit and low maintenance capital expenditures
  • Core market growth of at least 5-7% annually with low cyclicality or volatility
  • Opportunities for strategic and operational enhancement
  • Fragmented industries
  • Good candidate for applying the Coltala Enterprise System™



  • Majority control