The Coltala Difference


The Coltala Enterprise System™

The Coltala Enterprise System™ (CES) unbridles potential and builds the capabilities required to maximize potential and reach optimal scale in our businesses.

We believe this is best accomplished through our time-tested, disciplined approach that is based on four key components:


Assessing, managing and developing talent; building high-performing management teams that are bound by a common vision, common values and a common purpose


Systematic and focused approach to strategy formulation and execution


Replicable systems for process improvement, and the implementation of our Lean business principles, that advance a culture of continuous improvement


A systematic and disciplined approach to strategy execution, combined with a measurement process that is linked to the strategy

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 Margin and Mission





At Coltala, we build businesses of significance by establishing a foundation for each strategic platform where both Margin and Mission are given equal priority.


Our commitment to Mission is demonstrated by...

  • Our passion to make a positive difference in the world and to have a meaningful impact in people’s lives

  • Sharing a common vision, purpose, core values and guiding principles that define our culture

  • And providing opportunities for professional development and advancement for all employees

Our commitment to Margin is demonstrated by...

  • Generating industry-leading returns on invested capital

  • Delivering consistent growth and relevance in size, scale and breadth
  • Becoming leaders in the transformation of our industries



The Coltala Tao